Duta...oopss..hehe.. FaizuL,a Band Once's vocaList.. yatah orgnya ni yg vocaLnya mcm si Duta ahh..2 thumbs-up,a Band Once..
represent,adi(bassist) & ShafyiQ(2nd Guitar) from a Band Once.. & shaifuL from Band,nOt famous, during their rehearsaLs b4 innersense..
yOy & KhairuL Zaim Of innersense,men-tuning Guitar durang b4 rehearsaL..
26/04/08 - after Brg semua dh compLete,we started the soundcheck a.k.a rehearsaL Lahh.. avantgarde awaL2 soundcheck.. accompany by the peLangi FM DJ's .. ada Diddy,Fauzan,etc..