27/04/08 - show was over.. Group pix Of among the tOp Bands in Brunei.. esehh~ HEHE.. ada innersense, a Band Once,avantgarde..ada jua those guys dari Band nOt famous & D'Hask ... what a Great shOw..!!! taNx peLangiFM..

innersense with Putri Norizah,& the drummer's gf.. Guess what... Putri ckp, "u guys Look fimiLiar bahh.." then kami ckp,"yup.. seLaLu jumpa Hang-out kat Nasi Kandar di Bengkurong..tapi innersense beLum 'naik' Lagi.. hehe.."
Dj Diddy(PeLangi FM) ,Zeky(innersense) & pauL bukhairy(nOt famous)..after the show ..sorry,beLum ready Bahh tu pic ahh.. hehe..

27/04/08 - the time has cOme.. Live dari Studio A,RTB .. innersense whiLe performing.. this pic was grabed from Ranoadidas.com .. hehe..
at artists seats,from Left... Jeff dari avantgarde,Dayat, Zeky & DeyLayh dari innersense..
artist Of the mOnth for March,JuJu was performing as weLL ..dgn Lagunya 'remember' .. Lawa~
pix taken from artists seats.. d*mn.. it was fuLL-house bahh di Studio A,RTB..
27/04/08 - main event starts.. Dj Aliff & Dj Fauzan was the hOst of the show.. aLot of peopLe dtg..fuhh~ Lagi tia kami nervous..hehe.. other artists was there as weLL,dtg untuk bagi suppOrt..

but,to be hOnest.. ancur bahh usuLnya kami soundcheck atu... Hahaha.. aLhamduLiLah,masa Live perfect..

sorry ahh..pix the cLear..hehe.. anyway,taNx 2 the drummer's gf,yg ambiL this pix 4 us.. =)
26/04/08 - innersense time Lagi kn sOundcheck..we're the Last Band yg soundcheck after avantgarde & a Band Once..

Duta...oopss..hehe.. FaizuL,a Band Once's vocaList.. yatah orgnya ni yg vocaLnya mcm si Duta ahh..2 thumbs-up,a Band Once..
represent,adi(bassist) & ShafyiQ(2nd Guitar) from a Band Once.. & shaifuL from Band,nOt famous, during their rehearsaLs b4 innersense..
yOy & KhairuL Zaim Of innersense,men-tuning Guitar durang b4 rehearsaL..
26/04/08 - after Brg semua dh compLete,we started the soundcheck a.k.a rehearsaL Lahh.. avantgarde awaL2 soundcheck.. accompany by the peLangi FM DJ's .. ada Diddy,Fauzan,etc..

so,b4 soundcheck,ada prob sikit.. drum set nda compLete,yatah 1 Of band member from another Band paksa baLik rumah ambiL other part.. Guess wat.. mLm tu kn man utd vs cheaLsea,so kami semua,aLong with other Bands..tu ~ Liat..kami reLax2 ahh.. DJ pLang yg angkat2 stage,etc..artists nya Liat buLa.. apaLerr~ hahaha...
26/04/08 - innersense soundcheck..aLong with other tOp Bands in brunei.. eseh~ hahaha.. ada avantgarde & a Band once.. our new friendz.. so,mLm tu,we aLL pegi RTB abis smbhyg iSyak.. erm.. 'sentiasa bersama biskita' - RTB's moto * i guess*.. hehe..