27/04/08 - the time has cOme.. Live dari Studio A,RTB .. innersense whiLe performing.. this pic was grabed from Ranoadidas.com .. hehe..
at artists seats,from Left... Jeff dari avantgarde,Dayat, Zeky & DeyLayh dari innersense..
artist Of the mOnth for March,JuJu was performing as weLL ..dgn Lagunya 'remember' .. Lawa~
pix taken from artists seats.. d*mn.. it was fuLL-house bahh di Studio A,RTB..
27/04/08 - main event starts.. Dj Aliff & Dj Fauzan was the hOst of the show.. aLot of peopLe dtg..fuhh~ Lagi tia kami nervous..hehe.. other artists was there as weLL,dtg untuk bagi suppOrt..


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