16/09/08 - juz before sungkai, Zeky rushed 2 the airport after work, ngantar bro Luffy,drummer Of De' Epitome, ya pergi bLayar ke UK,sambung study *Lucky him* ,hehe.. the rest of innersense Band members nda bLaku coz ada yg kerja & ada yg sungkai function,so Zeky has 2 go aLone Lahh.. hehe.. masa di airport,it was crowded.. byk org bLayar kaLi.. hehe.. then terjumpa Lagi Dj Aliff,Dj Diddy & other Brunei artists as weLL juz 2 greet bro Luffy.. pic shows Bro Luffy (red shirt) with his huny,Dj Diddy,Dj Aliff & Zeky,innersense vocaList before Luffy depart..Good Luck 2 him & aLL the Best from innersense..

bro Luffy from De' Epitome Band, safe journey bro from us, innersense.. c u in few years time.. =)